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Bitchin' Fiction

Melissa McKenzie Francis
14 March
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Born and bred in Arkansas, Melissa Francis is a small town southern girl with big city dreams. (Okay, she dreams of big city shoes, but there’s nowhere to wear them ’round these parts. Plus she really is a barefoot girl at heart.) The University of Arkansas at Little Rock allowed her to graduate with an English degree, but many of her friends wonder how when she uses words like y’all, dunno, gonna, and fixin’ to. Her favorite phrase is “Woo Pig Sooie!” and she’ll be glad to explain what that means over a (preferably dark) beer. Unless you’re underage, then she’ll explain over a nice cup of peppermint tea.

Her debut novel titled Bite Me! is on the shelves now and she totally expects everyone who has met her, talked to her, emailed her, or uttered her name to buy at least two copies. The follow up is titled Love Sucks! and it will be out July 2010! Same purchasing rule applies.

Find her daily blog and other information here: http://www.melissafrancis.net